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[the first partner] brand won the red dot award: 3 years of extraordinary Ke fan!

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Ke fan extraordinary
"People-oriented" is the basic design
The unique process of "nine thick and one non"
Design inspiration comes from consumers
Focus on marketing team and product development
Unlike the traditional Home Furnishing enterprises, will be designed as clear-cut division where the core competitiveness, and every year 5% of the profits for the design input. The design center devoted a lot of effort to build, become the core support division where the "empire".


▲Kova home CEO Lin Tao


"Is the division where to change the traditional industry with information, the handicraft decoration industry to the industrial decoration stage, from the past heavy repair light decoration, into a combination of industrial product standard and non-standard furniture decoration family era." Kova Home Furnishing CEO Lin Tao stressed that the design is a key industry market "weapon", but the real scale is still the product customization business model, do super value-added services for the design, enhance the competitiveness of products."
"People-oriented" is the basic design
There are two major product development division where the starting point: first, it must comply with the new function; second, is a natural system with NCS. These two points are the starting point of division where the product research and development.
There are seven division where the product series: cloud, Victorianism, Zen complex not Jane, slow life, freedom, mix alone etc.. Each series of different styles, from the simplicity of modern European classical European style village to light Chinese, more than 10 cabinet plate, hundreds of door styles, can be combined with more than 1000 different styles of wardrobe, each of which can reflect Master preferred way of life.
The design not only stay in the appearance of the judge, is data oriented results, through large data on human nature, supplies, tools, materials, personnel, apartment layout, network statistical research, consumers stand in, the whole house Home Furnishing design, so that consumers anticipate future home.
Ke fan product originality, can be summed up in four words: people-oriented. No matter how the times progress and how the product is updated, we should design and develop it around people. Lin Tao said: "the division where the three aspects: first, the design must follow the culture, in the domestic design should consider regional culture. Second, the design should follow the pace of the times. Ke fan regularly with a number of academic institutions, domestic designers to communicate on a regular basis, not consumer investigations, in-depth study for Asians living habits. Third, design should pursue "around the human" -- for older, middle-aged, teenagers, or blue collar, white collar, and develop products that are more suitable for their lifestyle.
The unique process of "nine thick and one non"
Through nearly 10 years of wind and rain, visibility and reputation in the industry already has a high division where, where the beautiful design and high quality products, to create a good reputation, "nine non thick division where the products by customer favorite. Nine thickness: thick door plank, thick frame material, thick edge, thick back plate, thick plate, drawer thickness, cabinet depth, thick finish, thick packing, a non: strong non-standard production capacity. This is the unique point of division where the two points: one is the material or workmanship is unique, this is a non-standard customization capabilities.
Came to the sales division where the stores only provide blank housing apartment layout map, after half an hour, a design scheme is placed in front of consumers, in addition to whole house furniture category and price. Consumers selected design and furniture category, the rear of the factory immediately received orders and started production, takes about 15 days to 25 days, the whole house furniture was sent to the consumer's home, this is the typical Home Furnishing division where the business process, and most of all, is a set of system design, according to the demand of consumer automatic generation design scheme.
According to reports, in addition to the design, the company will also integrate information management system, order, review drawings and modify drawings, feedback, single row, into the production of a series of processes from the store to the headquarters transfer, customers can order according to the number of queries, supervision and tracking.
Design inspiration comes from consumers
Home products have quietly entered the age of individual consumption. Lin Tao analysis, "consumers are changing, their requirements are gradually increasing, now the home products have been from the original supply, and become more than the demand." The backwardness of design results in the backlog of products and forms the biggest waste. In addition, the housing area and structure in China change with the development of the times, and consumers demand higher storage function and practicability of products, which creates the possibility of Furniture Customization. Lin Tao said, "the consumption habits of furniture and redecorating in the past have changed quietly, and customized services can make consumers' inner thoughts reflect. Designers use hands to design, customers do with eyes, and customers feel satisfied with each other."
"The inspiration for product design should come from the consumer, no matter how advanced your marketing means, but eventually it can't get out of the product. The ultimate essence of the product is to meet the needs of the consumer and what he wants. Our usual design ideas are not only discussed with top designers or academic institutions, but mostly with consumers. Many ideas come from their needs.
When customers communicate with designers in chain stores, the design team can make 360 degrees of 3D design for the whole house free of charge based on the customer's idea and the structure of the house, using the complete set of software system and virtual reality design. Because of the design of software has set the product structure and general parts, forming module molding system, customers generally within half an hour to see the effect, and can quickly get the quotation; more sophisticated requirements, are handled by the headquarters of the design team, in three days can be completed renderings.
Focus on marketing team and product development
The store is the brand and customer closest, Ke fan attaches great importance to the marketing team

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