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How can a custom furniture enterprise effectively avoid or reduce the rate of error in all aspects of production?

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Custom furniture factory high error rate is a common problem of the industry, is the custom furniture enterprise managers especially forever growing custom furniture business owners in mind, the author five years has visited hundreds of domestic small and medium-sized custom furniture enterprises, without exception, found high error rate is the bottleneck for the development of custom furniture industry.
Since the high error rate is a common problem of custom furniture enterprises, over the years why industry has no good solution, the author thinks that, firstly, customization and standardization production of industrial enterprises are essentially different, from the customization production mode itself is to meet customer demand, the production mode, since the customer needs are not the same, production the organization also has the uncertainty, the industry custom error is inevitable, it is understood that custom doors and windows industry also exists the problem, other industries also have custom errors, and furniture and other products are not the same, such as: molding product is assembled, testing, acceptance and sales to consumers at home in the factory, there may be a quality problem, but generally does not appear the problem.
There is not high degree of visualization of molding products, such as: if the customer bought a refrigerator in the house as long as the refrigeration, the noise is not (the family does not affect the rest) estimated customer is satisfied, but perhaps from the detection of technical indicators may not be very good, but not find customers, is closely related with people's life custom furniture the cabinet, wardrobe and customers every day, have a little flaw, customers are very easy to find, now a lot of customers are second times or even several times to buy custom furniture, the installation time is "expert" to the point of acceptance, it is easy to find the problem.



Many customers, the store staff, enterprise managers believe that the custom furniture production problems, in fact, product error custom furniture enterprises must be the system of enterprises, I believe that as long as the workers have a basic responsibility, do not want to do, and now most of the factory piecework wages, product error means that workers will be less the wages even punished, not stupid enough to want to go wrong not only futile, let the workers less income, but also greatly hit workers confidence, workers feel no sense of achievement.
According to the author's understanding, why a lot of factory workers are very mobile, one of the main reasons is that the workers can't do because of the mistake. The author summarizes two reasons for the worker's leaving: 1, less money, 2, and I'm not happy. And the cause of these two causes is a mistake!
I found in the investigation of some stores custom furniture dealer to install started to worry, worry about whether to install a success, whether the details will appear problem, wrong if the factory can be resolved in a timely manner, customers are not satisfied with the fear of causing deductions, in fact most customer acceptance is not according to the acceptance of the national quality standard of the industry, customers find the main problems are the product of low-level errors found, custom furniture products customers can find mistakes are mainly in the following aspects:



1, quegaboshaotui: open the package installed in the installation work now fear most, when the lack of a cabinet assembly parts are put up, customers can easily know, it will directly affect the customer delivery time, may delay the customer premises relocation plan, if not timely delivery of the factory it is likely to lead to default stores.
2, material or color of the wrong color (with two or more colors, a set of products in a cabinet): the customer is most interested in the face, if the wrong version of goods (the color of the product and the radio color do not feel like it) customers will complain if customers find a set of cabinets have two colors will not have to cause the wrong color, the general should be the factory is different batches of color plates in the purchase sheet, when the production plan is not strict cause, some enterprises do not have the concept of PMC, the workers with access to materials, leading to wrong color plate.
3, product or multiple hardware accessories: custom furniture factory management and installation team stores often received complaints, it is less, but few people would say received parts more, in fact, multiple in custom furniture distribution often exist, but generally no one will say, I during the operation of custom furniture enterprises, also often go to the installation site, customers generally found if the panel will suspect installation personnel of his furniture and whether the installation has been completed, even if many customers are afraid of installation personnel missing, many customers do not make installation of the extra plate away, that is their own money to buy a, or to leave aside or for reference. I recently in an enterprise and the franchisee exchange, a very good performance of the join is very heavy-hearted said, the factory often multiple parts to me, in other franchisees seems to get things without money, but if the factory operating costs remain high, the business was not good, bad or not good business enterprise, everyone the franchisee has no future!
4, hole position error: hole position error is a advanced custom furniture factory error, if the enterprise does not have a standard to store designer, design size of random labeling, factory drill master must have to look at a single punch, easily mistaken holes, and frequent bit conditioning equipment will lead to errors. The scene is difficult to install. To solve the problem of hole error, we must first standardize the process design, classify and perforate and solidify the equipment, so as to reduce the error of holes. Now large and medium-sized enterprises are introducing CNC equipment, and it is also a direction to solve the problem.
The 5 part, taking the conflict: the drawer door hinge, door, door and door jamb wall even, sometimes in the cabinet drawer and hinge hardware conflict, installation work to change the door hinge position, left hinge hole hole is very ugly. The cause of the conflict is the basic component design error and field measurement is not found, but the order of factory audit is also very important, basic knowledge should avoid wrong training in all aspects of factory store system of personnel, and the implementation of error reward system to order more to flow to turn more correctly.
6, the door or not, the size of a door is not the door: the cabinet door installation face, if defective customers are generally hard to please, the door appeared, had a relationship with the factory processing precision, suggestions of growth type enterprise outsourcing to the door door large-scale factory production, can ensure the accuracy of. The door of the relationship is more, the precision of the installation site whether the ground level, the cabinet can be adjusted by adjusting foot, wardrobe regulation almost no space, we must tell the industry when measuring the main attention level floor decoration construction, do the best to install the first half of the month review, if there is a problem that the construction team to repair, to ensure the quality of the installation. Special attention should be paid to that the top seal plate is best independent from the main body of the cabinet. When I install it, I often see that the door panel can't be adjusted because of the top seal part of the decoration, which is unable to adjust the door panel, if the replacement loss is very large.
7, the door problem: the error is mainly concentrated in size, such as: the error calculation width or height, generally in the field is not change. As long as the size of a good cabinet design should not be difficult to avoid sliding size error, you can size can be calculated with computer software curing.
There are many reasons for custom furniture business there, many people will think of custom furniture factory is in fact an error error, error of customized products should be a system error, process error, caused by the management, from the industry perspective there are the following reasons:
1 store sales orders, no rules, is then: customer needs no guide to convenient factory production requirements, many growth oriented enterprises to orders, as long as the customer request agreed, some non-standard processing demand of the factory is very troublesome, I have repeatedly said that will not lead to customer needs of designers it is a draftsman, even if the drawings are not that bad draftman.
2, review all aspects of the production plan under the lack of communication: the author visited hundreds of custom furniture factories, almost all factories will have the figure of single link, single trial plan is to design requirements into the key process requirements of production information, the need for professional gatekeeper, with clear communication, if the designer stores and production personnel is clearly the best habit. In a growing enterprise, the product process system is not perfect and the technical personnel level is difficult to improve in the short term.

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